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Random poetic gashes to the brain

A girl and her randomy
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..S U R F A C E C U T..

daddy mommy sad strawberry pouring out of me
daddy mommy mad strawberry poured out of dad
daddy mommy bad strawberry poured out of mommy
daddy mommy abuse bruise on my body, the wounds increase

[ Info ]
This is a lyric/poem/literature database.

There is no particular order by which things will be posted.

All posts will be categorized, archived and added to "Memories".

Posts may or may not reflect my mood.

All my original works will be posted in locked entries, just so you know 'Words R Dead, RIP Alphabet Soup, 666 in the Sand My Luff' or some emo shit band cannot steal my goods and deliver it to the desperate masses. I just know everyone is after prescriptions for suicide or shower nozzle material and I'll be, that is what I provide – just doing my part - oh yersh... so hence the lockage! ;)

[ To Note ]
I made this a community in extension from my jabberbug account because I'd rather not sign out and log in as a different user I am a lazy little fucktoid.

I didn't really intend for this to function as an open community LJ NAZI ALERT. However; if you are interested in being added because you are one of my many LJ stalkers bring it to my attention and I’ll see what I and the little LJ gnomes can do! ^_^;